About the multicooker

If you are going to buy such a useful in our time kitchen appliance as a multicooker, then this article is just for you. Pay attention to the panasonic nn-sn766s review.

In it you will learn about its main advantages and features.

Multicooker is designed for fans of healthy eating, who are no longer satisfied with the food prepared in a steam cooker. After all, the culinary possibilities of multicookers are much wider, and cooked in a sealed container food preserves more useful elements in itself than in the usual way of cooking. With a multicooker you can stew, roast, bake and steam. So let’s understand how to choose a multicooker.

Multicooker has a steam cooking function, which saves you the cost of buying a steamer and no longer need to find space in the kitchen. Multicooker can easily replace the oven, frying pan and pot, as well as the microwave. After all, it can stew, fry, boil, bake pies or heat food completely independently, without requiring the attention of the hostess.

Multicooker, for example, consists of a plastic or metal body, in the bottom of which the heating elements are built in. In this case there is a non-stick pan, where you are going to put the products. But the main element of the multicooker is a system of tight closing the lid and temperature control system inside the device that allows you to automatically monitor the steam pressure inside the pot, and if necessary, steam pressure is dumped through a special valve. And you do not need to monitor the cooking process. It is enough just to select the cooking mode on the control panel.

All models of multicookers have a power of 0.5-1 kW. Therefore, you should pay attention not to the power of the device, but to the volume of the removable bowl, which is 2.5-5 liters. Well, of course, you should pay close attention to the presence of “heating” and “delayed start” functions, which you will definitely need.