Pina colada jam: recipe to give your breakfast a tropical air

To prepare it to make yourself with a pineapple pulling ripe, which brings all its sweetness to the jam and sterilize a few airtight glass jars to have everything prepared. Enjoy a very original jam that is sure to be the queen of your toast on the sunniest days.

How to make pina colada jam

We will start by cutting the pineapple into small pieces. We put it in a bowl with sugar, rum and coconut cream and crush everything with a knife blender until we have only very small pieces or completely crushed the mixture as we like.

We pass the mixture to a thick-bottomed pot and cook for 20 minutes stirring every bit.

We check the consistency of the jam, for that we grab a small portion with a teaspoon and put it on a plate of cold porcelain. If it does not slip it is that the jam is ready, so we will quickly throw it in previously sterilized glass jars by boiling them 15 minutes in a pot.

Close the jars quickly, turn them over and let them stand like this for five minutes. Turn them over again and let them cool completely.

With what to accompany the pina colada jam

The jam pina colada is ideal with toast with some fresh cheese or cream cheese. It is a very fresh jam that combines with many more ingredients than you can imagine, you just have to discover it.