Recipe of puff pastry stuffed with Camembert cheese, recovering the classic appetizer

A classic recipe, some would call it old, which we recovered with nostalgia. And what we have enjoyed, hear.

Simple to say enough, the puff pastry stuffed with Camembert cheese does not require us to be expert cooks to prepare it. Its ingredients are simple and with an oven in our kitchen, the thing comes out yes or yes. To give it a touch of flavor and texture we have filled it with a marmalade of berries and nuts, but both can be served separately.

How to make puff pastry stuffed with Camembert cheese

Cut the Camembert cheese in half, in two discs. Better if we use a special cheese knife so that the blade does not stick and is easier. Spread one of the halves with jam and place the nuts on top. Cover with the other half of cheese.

We spread a sheet of puff pastry, which must be very cold, and, on it, we place the stuffed cheese. We cut the puff pastry to adjust it to the maximum size of the cheese and cover well, ensuring that there are no cracks left anywhere or part of the cheese will come out with the heat of the oven and we will lose a filling.

Brush with beaten egg and transfer to a baking sheet lined with sulfurized paper. Cook in the bottom of the oven (so that the base is not raw), preheated to 210ยบ C, for 15 minutes or until golden brown. We serve immediately.

With what to accompany the puff pastry stuffed with Camembert cheese

For those who love cheese and puff pastry, this is the perfect appetizer and does not need any accompaniment. If anything, a glass of wine, period. But those who are not so fanatics may want to accompany this ** puff pastry stuffed with Camembert cheese * with some slices of bread in which to spread the cheese that, when cutting the puff pastry, will spread throughout the plate. A scandal.