Rin ran de cod in Murcian style: traditional recipe (which has many variants)

Because even within the Region of Murcia we can find different recipes; It is very common in traditional dishes and therein lies part of its charm.

I would say that the Rhine of Jaén or Cazorla is the most popular – and that we will bring here – although we also find very different variants in other regions of Spain. This recipe starts with only three key ingredients, cod, onion, and ñoras, which with a good dressing create a perfect dish to serve as hot and cold snacks.

How to make rin-ran Murcia

We start from dried cod desalinated, clean and crumbled. Otherwise, it must be properly desalinated at least 24 hours in advance, changing the cold water every 4-6 hours. Remove skin and spines.

Peel the onion and cut into small cubes. Place in a bowl with cold water and a little salt, and let soak a few minutes to lose strength. Then drain well.

Meanwhile, toast the ñoras in a pan with a little oil or nothing, or use the oven. They should darken but not burn, inflating a little and acquiring the skin a more tender texture. Remove, cool and chop, discarding the seeds.

In the same pan, toast the cod over high heat so that you lose the water you may have. Add the ladies and cook the whole about 5 minutes. Add the onion, stir well and cook for another 5-10 minutes.

Mix with abundant olive oil and lemon juice and taste the salt point. You can also add a dry hot pepper or a pinch of hot pepper, to make a spicy variant of the dish.

With what to accompany the Murcian rin-ran

I like to serve this version of the rin ran simply with toasted bread to drink as a snack or as a lid, at room temperature. It can be left ready in advance in the refrigerator, trying to temper it a little before serving. It can also be distributed in casseroles to take as a salad, or dipping bread, accompanied by some olives or egg.