The Best Camping Stoves For Travel In Comparison

If you are planning a particularly wild backpacking trip, a very useful accessory is the camping stove. Choose the best portable camp stoves.

It is an indispensable object for us travelers when we decide to organize a trip on the road, with a tent, backpack, and camping accessories in tow.

If you want to cook hot food or drinks like at home independently, even a simple herbal tea or a cup of coffee, choosing a good camping stove becomes a determining factor for a pleasant experience with the right comfort.

There are many models on the market with different characteristics and operating conditions. The important thing is to choose a camping stove that fits your specific travel needs.

Camping stove: how to choose the one that best suits our needs?

The first consideration is that the portable camping stove must adapt to the needs of those who want to spend time outdoors.

In general, it must be light, compact in size, manageable, practical to use and the fuel to make it work must be readily available.

The specific characteristics of the camping stove will then change according to the type of trip to be made: it is different if you choose to go “wild” camping rather than going to an equipped campsite.

In fact, we have been traveling for about 5 months with the stove inside our backpack!

In this way we had everything we needed to cook anywhere in the world always with us, so for us the priority was to have a super light and portable product. In fact, our camp stove (which you will see later), along with the cylinder, is little more than a fist.

How to find your way around the various models on sale?

First of all you need to understand what are the strengths, that is the positive characteristics, that a camping stove must have to be suitable for trips out of town, camping in the middle of nature or on the beach.

A good stove must be:

  •  easy to carry, by bike, by car or in the confined space of a backpack.
  • small and compact size, it must take up as little space as possible.
  • light in weight, it would be a serious inconvenience to have to carry a heavy one for long journeys.
  • intuitive and easy to use, in short, nothing complicated.

Another important consideration when deciding to buy a camping stove is the type of fuel we want to use and how to transport it.

In fact, it is not possible to transport gas cylinders by plane,  and in general it is very difficult to travel there.

This is not a big problem, as we too have always bought the portable gas canister in the various countries during our long journeys, and the cost is usually a few euros (5/6).

While if you decide to go on a road trip, in which you can afford to take everything you want with you, then you can also orient yourself on less portable stoves that are able to offer a better result, and above all you can afford to take with you a larger cylinder that can last longer.

Oh and don’t forget the reliability – our cooker didn’t let us walk away.

It absolutely cannot happen that while we are trekking for several days, for example, the cylinder ends up discharging because a valve is leaking or other.